About us

Your Spiritual Revolution for our spiritual evolution!

Your Spiritual Revolution Club is a unique spiritual club promoting spiritual talks, workshops, courses and face-to-face meetup events between masters and seekers from diverse backgrounds from across the world.

Many masters, one voice! Many sounds, one silence! Many paths, one destination!

Mission: To create a collaborative platform for diverse thoughts, systems, masters, organizations, techniques, tools, technologies, networks and associations working towards common goal of speedy integral evolution of human being.

YSR club promotes masters, organizations, tools, techniques and teachings from diverse religious backgrounds, belief systems, countries, customs and viewpoints so as to integrate them all for speedy integral evolution of all of its members.

We promote spiritual events where members get an opportunity to learn something new, meditate together, get invaluable practical experiences and also get free/discounted products/services offered by various sponsors/donors/masters for our speedy integral evolution.

There are no fees for YSR club membership!

YSR club welcomes members from all walks of life, all religious/ethnic/cultural backgrounds, all age groups, all belief systems and all other spiritual/new-age/wellness/meditation groups to network with each other and get benefited.

All those interested in spirituality, meditation, consciousness, mind power, self development, wellness, holistic healing, self realization, manifestation science, attracting abundance, infinity, new age stuff, spiritual science and technology, immortality, psychic phenomena, aura, astral travel, intuition, enlightenment, oneness, knowing The Truth and understanding the secrets of life are welcome!

YSR Club Meetups

We welcome masters, organizations, volunteers and donors to come forward to host free meetup events in their locality. We will be promoting them online on our website and offline using YSR club resources and volunteers.

All YSR Club meetup events are FREE. All meetup events of YSR club are organized by volunteers at sponsored places with donations from members/hosts who can afford.

Theme: Each YSR Club meetup event can focus on a particular theme/topic to learn (theory & practicals) apart from one hour silent meditation/contemplation/concentration, related presentations/videos and informal get-together for joyful sharing of gifts and member introductions.

Voluteers / Donors / Hosts: There are many opportunities for volunteers / donors / hosts to participate for integral evolution of human being. Please refer to 'Volunteer' section on this website.

Amitt Parikh
Your Spiritual Revolution Club